Secrets Revealed

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Indigo Pearl. How do you reveal the secret of a five-star luxury pool villa and beach resort located halfway around the world? With a sensual story that captivates the imagination. On all levels, Indigo Pearl is pure indulgence. Located on the island of Phuket, off the west coast of Thailand, its setting is within a tropical jungle paradise that defies explanation. The resort’s architectural inspiration was derived from the area’s ancient history and success as a tin mining center, which happened to play a major role in the development of the island’s development and economy. While the raw industrial architectural style juxtaposed with natural elements were undeniably breathtaking, the mining aspect was a story virtually untold.

By focusing on the textural contrast between the sensual and the industrial elements, we devised a design that utilized stylized mining graphics with high fashion photography, all juxtaposed with bold truncated copy. The resulting look became the basis for an entirely retooled marketing strategy, with highly targeted e-communications, textured collateral and an arts and entertainment microsite that let the secret out, and revealed this one-of-a-kind getaway to an international market.

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