Repositioning a Legendary Destination

Turtle Bay Resort / Oahu, HI

When you think of the Hawaiian island of Oahu and the fabled North Shore, surfing—and surfers—almost immediately comes to mind. But for Turtle Bay Resort, they needed an overall campaign theme that not only appealed to the hardcore surfer demo (who often have less disposable income) but also to a more adventure-seeking audience.

Refocus and reposition. Our “North Shore is The Life” campaign worked on multiple levels to both leverage the pillars of the quintessential Hawaiian North Shore culture and echo the lifestyle inherent in its people. By developing a visual and graphic language that merged the textures and deep history of the island with the leisure aspects of a world-class resort, we were able to create a campaign with the elements necessary to attract a wide variety of audiences.

Additionally, we used the data capabilities of Quantcast to create “like” profiles, or “lookalikes,” based on the search habits of existing Turtle Bay Resort website visitors. This not only multiplied our public from 40,000 to 4 million, but also resulted in major booking revenue from banner ads we created.