All eyes on you.

Creating engagement and connecting with your audience doesn’t just magically happen. It’s a specialized alchemy of analytics, research, estimating, targeting, tactics and data, all driven by insight and deep expertise to leverage your marketing budget efficiently, and effectively. And it’s the backbone of TSG Media.

Our media team is led by TSG agency CEO Greg Starmack and VP of Media Eleanor (Elle) Novak. Collectively they have over four decades of media strategy, planning and negotiating experience in local, regional and national advertising media markets.  Whether it’s regional automotive dealerships, big name brands like Callaway Golf and Taco Bell, just to name a few.


Media engagement framework is a strategy constructed to understand your customer’s behavior from a psychographic, mediagraphic, geographic and demographic viewpoint – so we can decide the type of engagement for your business.


Deep, measurable consumer insight is vital to understanding your customer’s behavior throughout the sales cycle, from how they look at the category to their purchasing modalities. This also includes competitive analysis and market insight.


By utilizing key information, analytics and data gathered from media engagement and audience research, we then turn our focus to developing the most clear, concise and attainable framework for your media plan. This is the foundation for success.


Strategy determines how your message(s) will be delivered to your target audience or niche. Your strategy also analyzes the characteristics of your audience or market so we can determine how it will influence their purchasing behavior.


These are the marketing techniques we use to accomplish your ultimate strategic objective, specifically “how” your marketing will be executed across all media channels. Tactics are the actual media vehicles that will be used to reach your audience.


Your media plan isn’t finished with your buy. We conduct a comprehensive audit of both the actual media placement and the media invoices. Additionally, we conduct a comprehensive post-buy analysis to verify media goals and objectives.

Let us help you achieve maximum impact
for your media dollars.